We have recently been certified as a B Corp business. It’s something we are incredibly proud to be a part of.
We don’t want to simply share with you a stamp of certification, we really aim to help you understand
how this positively affects our business, and the planet we all share.

What are B Corp™ businesses?

Certified B Corp, are companies who place the environment and society at the forefront of everything they do within their business.

Every B Corp business has been subject to rigorous independent assessment, ensuring that their practices meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

A link of total transparency between what we as a business say we do, and what we actually do.

It holds accountable businesses to place the environment and society at the forefront of all decision making, securing the promise of using the power of business as a force for good. Inclusive. Sustainable. Powerful.

with our values.

Becoming a B Corp company aligns seamlessly with our fundamental core values.

At Islandbridge, that is to do the very best at what we do for our clients, whilst also doing the very best that we can do for the environment and society. We are a for profit business, but we have never been afraid to alter our route if it is no longer serving our values, even if it affects profits in the short term. If we can do better, we will do better.

We are a successful business who always strives to give something back. We’re capable of sharing some of our good fortune with the rest of the world, so we do.

Using business for
positive practice.

Being a certified B Corp means we are not only morally committed but also legally committed to a conduct of positive practice.

Every decision made has to reflect this. From the services we provide and the people we employ, to the services, products and people that we use and partner with ourselves. There is consideration at every turn.

The B Corps community is confident in being accountable for their decision making every step of the way, and will prioritise the welfare of this planet and of its people, not just profits.

This is not to say that we are perfect. For example, investing in businesses for “growth” creates complex challenges. The systems that we deal with are complex. Measurement of impact is not uniform. But that does not stop us from striving every day to find solutions, engage, remain optimistic and be part of the solution.

Not another
misleading stamp
of environmental wellness.

We have all been privy to feeling misled by convincing marketing, alluding to environmental wellness and concern. We believe that there is nothing more moving, than leading by example, so garnering a B Corp certification, in a historically un-environmental sector is a certificate we carry with pride.

B Corp certified companies continually go through rigorous assessment and are required by law to pass a re-certification process every 3 years. This secures the notion that B Corps are accountable, constantly evolving and improving their business practices for the planet and its people.

City Harvest

City Harvest operates in London where it saves food from landfill, and redirects it to provide over 1 million meals a month to charities across the city. During Covid, Islandbridge was involved in raising funds. Thereafter, our team were instrumental in securing a vital part of the organisation’s supply chain. We continue to provide assistance in a number of areas- such as strategies around generating carbon credits from the tonnes of GHG avoided from their activities.

We were delighted that our team member, Emily Hicks, joined City Harvest’s Junior Board in 2021.

GB Row Challenge

GB Row Challenge is regarded as the toughest rowing race on the planet. It involves a 5,500km unsupported row around the British Isles. The boats will also be gathering first of its kind data to assess the health and bio-diversity of the waters surrounding the UK.

The GB Row Challenge has teamed up with Portsmouth University in a groundbreaking project, gathering data on:

– Marine Biodiversity via DNA sampling

– Microplastics in the water

– Airborne micro-plastics

– Pollution

– Salinity

Islandbridge are a sponsor of the boat and team CIO, Joseph McCarthy, has been part of crew selection.

Big Change

Big Change is an amazing organization supporting young people by directing funds to educational and community leaders and their teams. Since 2017, Islandbridge has helped raise capital and taken part in their endurance challenges. Islandbridge has also committed to the Catalyst Circle to create another funding source. We continue to look for ways we can support their goals and are excited about their work in helping next generation philanthropy.